Things You Should Know About Marijuana

Marijuana, popularly known as Cannabis or weed, is ingested for euphoric effect by the users. It comes to be as a result of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Despite being the most commonly used drug, it has been declared illegal in many states. But did you know there is more to the thrill of taking it than you thought? You most probably have heard of or used it but there are a few things that you may not know about this mood altering drug. Disregard the rumors, here’s the real news you should consider:

  1. Increases One’s Appetite

Are you wondering why your appetite or that of your friend is always insatiable? Well, here is the solid reason to answer your whys. Marijuana inhibits a receptor that is involved in signaling the appetite suppressor hormones. After ingesting weed, one gets munchies, wolfing food like it’s the end of the world. You might think your worms are on steroids after hopping on board Cannabis tours.

  1. Can be Vaporized, Used with foodstuffs and other Products

One is not restricted to smoking only. You might decide to be cautious and evade the smoke by heating it up to near boiling, not necessarily having to burn the weed, and get high by vaping with less worries of inhaling smoke. You can take it brewed as tea, in the form of chocolate bars or cookies or simply apply it as balm. Nobody has to notice that you’re using marijuana, let alone suspecting you. No guilty charges for your pleasures!

  1. Less Addictive

Yes! Take it easy! You’re saying that even sweets are addictive to a child. And maybe you were told that Marijuana is the most addictive drug there is. Well, that’s a misconception. Despite Marijuana being addictive, its addictive rate is way below that of other stimulative products. Cigarettes, for instance, is 90% addictive. For your info, even coffee is more addictive than Cannabis.

  1. Reduces Risk of Lung Cancer

Studies show that Marijuana slows and stops cancer cells from spreading thus used for medical purposes.  It has been proven that tumor growths in the brain and lungs can be reduced considerably. This alone, beats all the cons for using marijuana and possibly persuade you to give dispensary tours in favor of Cannabis a five star rating.

  1. No Reported Incidences of Deaths Due to Overdose

Unlike the other drugs like heroine, alcohol, cocaine and the rest you have in mind, have you ever heard of a death caused by overdosing marijuana? Take for instance, you arm yourself with wholesale Marijuana from your dealer. Then decide you want to smoke till the last roll is dropped. And guess what, you’ll still be breathing, and maybe grinning from the anxiety brought about. Try that with other stimulants at your own risk.

  1. Increases Dopamine

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug thus increases one’s level of activeness throughout the day. Blooming in a gloomy day.

You might want to reconsider wholesale concentrates to your regular cigarette pack or any other harmful drugs that you thought are safer than Marijuana.