Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing a Dry Bud Trimmer

A dry bud trimmer is the ultimate solution for those who want to enhance the smoking experience of their grow efficiently, but want to do so without turning the difficult process into an even more grueling task.

bud trimming

However, since dry bud trimming is often regarded as a difficult procedure to pull off, this fear may transcend into the selection of bud trimming equipment by many. It so often happens that a marijuana seller or an individual who grows their own cannabis makes purchase decisions hastily whenever they are put into a corner, either due to the pressure of their customers or just to make sure that their grow does not rot away without being processed properly.

This leads to a long-term problem where the buyer of such a dry bud trimmer has to deal with issues on a day to day basis. Keeping the following few points in mind may help you steer clear of such issues, which would allow you to focus on your grow in an optimal manner.


Don’t Choose a Manual Machine If You Have a Large Produce Volume

A manual bud trimmer is often considered a great choice due to how efficient it is in terms of cost and energy savings. And when it comes with the core features of a high end motorized trimmer, such as sporting  a pollinator machine, then it becomes all the more lucrative.

However, a manual dry bud trimmer can only do so much in terms of processing your grow. Therefore, if you have a larger operation, then make sure you at least buy a motorized machine to keep that tumbler running.


Don’t Buy a Larger Machine Than What You Actually Need

If you only have a small scale selling operation or if your whole reason to purchase a dry bud trimmer was to process cannabis plants for your own personal use, then investing in a dry bud trimmer machine that cost $2,000 would be nothing but illogical.

Make sure that you buy a bud trimming machine that serves the current size of your operation. Only buy a machine larger than what you need right away if you have certain plans for future expansion.


Don’t Buy a Dry Bud Trimmer That Does Not Have a Pollinator Tumbler Function In It

Whether you have just harvested your very first grow or if this isn’t your first rodeo, you may know that kief, or resin glands, play a very important role in providing cannabis with its signature properties.

During the bud trimming process, this crystal-like substance gets turned into a fine powder. If you have a pollinator machine function available with your dry bud trimming machine, then kief could be separated and used as a more potent element derived from marijuana; but if you don’t, then you won’t have much choice than to have it scattered all over your processed flower.

Therefore, ensure to invest into a machine that lets you separate kief from the rest of the elements, so you could use it as you please.

Pro tip: Kief also sells at a higher value than most regular cannabis items.