5 Potent Ways to Consume CBD

Currently, a $100+ million dollar industry, the use of CBD to relieve a variety of conditions has increased greatly. With projected profits to increase by 700% by 2020, CBD shows no sign of slowing down.  Thanks to this growing demand, manufacturers have been working diligently to produce new methods of consumption. From gel caps to vaporizers, there are many ways for people to consume nowadays, but how do you choose the right method for you? To make it easier, we have compiled a list of the 5 most potent and effective methods to consume CBD.


Tinctures are mostly raw hemp oil, and they contain cannabinoids. Because of the fact that there is a lack of regulation in the industry, it is crucial you seek out integrated sources that have a great deal of control over their supply. It often will contain a carrier oil, such as MCT or Hempseed Oil. If there is any flavoring, you will want to ask what is being used for it to determine if it is strictly organic ingredients.  

Everyone can benefit from the use of tinctures. They are ideal when it comes to alleviating pain and helping the individual sleep better. It is among the easiest and most effective means by which to ingest CBD into one’s body.


This is ideal for your concentrated extracts, such as wax, IsoTerp Shatter, and CBD Isolate. There are many people who love dabs, but they also are under some criticism for being complicated in style. Place a dab into a concentrate vape pen that contains an atomizer. This way, you can take that anxious edge away from the concentrates.  

Dabs are for people who already are cannabis users and who like to smoke, especially. If you’d like to try them out in their original form, you should do plenty of research before you make your purchase.   


Vape oils resemble tinctures, except that they use carrier oils that allow you to vape. Avoid purchasing MCT vape oils, as they may be toxic after heating them. If you already vape as an alternative to smoking nicotine, you should give CBD oils a try. The only downside is that it can be a bit expensive to start, as you have to purchase a vaping pen and the accessories needed to vape.  

Switch to CBD vaping is a way to help you cut back or quit nicotine. It greatly will improve your health in the long run. Also, it serves many health benefits that you may not imagine.  

Topical Lotions or Salves

Lotions and salves are ideal alternatives for people who would rather not ingest their CBD. You can introduce CBD into your body by placing a salve or topical lotion on your skin. However, this form is more effective when you pair it with a capsule or another type of longer-lasting CBD. Though it can provide you with almost instant pain relief, it is ideal to take an edible form that lasts the whole day.  

When you are experiencing a great deal of pain from a chronic ailment, topicals may seem ideal. Individuals who have aches and pains, but do not have any actual serious ailments like multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, are the best candidates for using topicals. They can be used on a daily basis for relief of arthritis pains, soreness, and back and neck pain.  

Gel Capsules  

Capsules have a similarity to traditional medicine. For this reason, they have become more popular recently as users tend to feel comfortable with something that appears similar to what they have become used to. There is the benefit that comes with getting your CBD in a pre-measured dose. Make sure you find one that is similar to a liquid-gel capsule since they are enclosed.  

Though anyone essentially can take the capsules, they are geared towards older individuals who have taken pharmaceuticals. They may need some extra convincing about taking CBD in the first place. The fact that it resembles something they know and trust make it an easier transition.  

CBD products vary greatly across the board. It is crucial to know that what you are getting is the right option for you in the long run. Choose Evolve Formulas’ Nano Serum to allow for a better experience all around.  Once you begin taking the transdermal serum, you will wonder why it took you so long to do so.