A Cannabis Inhaler and You

N-FuzedDid you know that there is a new way to ingest the cannabis you love to get the high you want or to treat your medical condition? Cannabis inhalers can help you get high quickly without having to eat anything or smoke anything. This saves the damage to your lungs that smoke can cause, and it permits you to get the cannabis that you need quickly. If you’re treating me medical condition like pain, this can be very important.

A cannabis inhaler works similarly to an asthma inhaler. Even if you have never had one, you have probably had friends or family members who do, or you have seen kids using them on the playground over the years. The Cannabis inhaler looks very similar. It’s a colored plastic tube with a mouthpiece. You insert a canister, press down, and the cannabis becomes a vapor that you can inhale.

You also use a cannabis inhaler just the way that you use a regular inhaler. It’s helpful to prime the inhaler by pushing down on the canister several times until you see a mist coming out of the mouthpiece. This means that the cannabis inhaler is ready for you to use. Next, put the mouthpiece in your mouth. Take a couple of deep breaths. Then take about a quarter of a deep breath, push down on the canister and continue your breath until it is complete. Hold that breath for somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds. This gives the cannabis time to absorb in your lungs. Finally, exhale as normal, cover the mouthpiece of your inhaler, and store it for future use.

If you don’t want people to know that you are using cannabis, this type of inhaler can be especially useful. Because it looks like any other inhaler, people probably won’t say anything to you if they see you using it. It also allows you to ingest cannabis without ingesting calories. No a gummy or a piece of chocolate only has a few calories, if you are particularly health-conscious then you may not want to consume these things.

These inhalers also allow you to use cannabis without damaging your lungs. Unfortunately, smoking will damage the tissue of your lungs over time. This means that using cannabis can be hazardous to your health, even though the Cannabis itself will not hurt you. When you inhale it what’s an inhaler, though, you don’t have to worry about any of that. There’s no heat, nothing Burns, and so you are not smoking. You are simply allowing the vapor to enter your lungs where the cannabis can be absorbed quickly.

There are several brands of cannabis inhaler available right now. Talk to your local dispensary about purchasing one, and about which one might be right for you. Once you found an inhaler that you like, you can change out the canisters regularly. Carry it with you all the time so that you always have easy access to your cannabis. You are dealing with chronic pain, this can be particularly useful.